Samples of some recent projects…

  • web: BAWSI
    Website development and maintenance for a nonprofit which creates programs for and partnerships with women athletes and the community.
  • web: Glacier Water
    Website development of a corporate site for Glacier Water, which owns and operates water and ice vending machines all across North America.
  • web: iPass
    Website development and maintenance for a leading provider of enterprise mobility services with 3,500 enterprise customers worldwide.
  • web: Racecraft Collectibles
    Website development for an online shopping site for motorsports collectibles.
  • web: O2Micro
    Website development and maintenance for a global company which designs, manufactures and markets power management and e-commerce components and systems.
  • web: Birmingham B&B
    Website development and maintenance for a bed and breakfast inn in Sonoma, CA.
  • web: Shotmaster
    Website development and maintenance for an e-commerce site specializing in basketball training equipment.
  • brand: Practice Pay Solutions
    Brand development across a wide range of marketing collateral (both online and printed) for an e-commerce systems company.
  • brand: iPass
    Brand development across the full range of marketing tools (online and printed) for a global company which develops enterprise mobility services.
  • print: Vintage Marina Partners
    Brochure created for VMP which details its marina services.
  • print: 10% Solution
    Development of business collateral and marketing brochure.
  • print: O2Micro
    Design and layout of multiple product catalogs, Annual Reports and print ads.
  • print: Stanford Center on Ethics
    Design and layout of informational tri-fold brochure for University department.
  • print: Harbor Boatshow
    Collateral design & layout for extensive marketing campaign – print and online – for the Dana Point Harbor Boatshow.
  • print: CIBC
    Creation of to-scale Illustrator files for 28-foot wide nautical map granite installation at the Channel Islands Boating Center.
  • demo: Dignity & Respect Campaign
    Creation of animated Flash demo for the UPMC Center for Inclusion’s Dignity & Respect Campaign – for use by companies and schools nationwide.
  • demo: McAfee
    Production of Flash demo for McAfee’s Medical Embedded Systems. (One in a series of four demos for different vertical markets.)
  • demo: iPassConnect Client
    Design and production of Flash demo marketing enterprise mobility software.
  • demo: Trend Micro
    Creation of Flash demo to highlight current online security threats. Incorporates chart graphics, photography, video narration and music track.
  • web banner: OpenWater
    Creation of a responsive web banner that would cycle through an animation. When selected, sphere elements move to center and display text and graphical information.
  • interactive brochure: iPass
    Adaptation of an existing print-based brochure into user-controlled online brochure. Elements zoom up as selected and user can flip among pages.
  • html-based cd: NetApp
    Coding of HTML-based resource CD. Multiple pages with tabled and indexed lists of numerous corporate resources, linked to URLs and files archived on the CD.
  • logo: 10% Solution
    Design of logo and supporting elements for a company whose mission is to help businesses incorporate “giving back” (to the community and environment) into daily operations.
  • logo: Full House Photography
    Creation of logo for photographer’s new business, whose specialty is family and children.
  • logo: Gardner Bullis School
    Creation of a new logo for an elementary school, design ties into school’s grizzly bear mascot.
  • logo: SproutUp Media / PACT
    Logo designs created for two start-up companies.
  • logo: Red Willow Group
    Logo design and business collateral development for a consulting firm.
  • logo: Concept Green
    Logo creation for a new subsidiary of an existing company, which focuses on consumer solar and environmental solutions.
  • ppt: Objectivity
    Creation of custom graphics and animations for a technology company marketing to the defense industry.
  • ppt: iPass
    Creation of editable icon-based technology diagrams, included development of a ppt-based set of icons and diagram elements for future use by internal personnel.
  • ppt: Cisco
    Graphical and animation enhancements to existing presentations. Creation of new graphics using resources from corporate image library, all within strict corporate brand standards.
  • ppt: Champ Cars
    Creation of a series of presentation template graphics for Champ Cars Series Board of Directors.
  • ppt: NetApp
    Graphical enhancement of existing corporate presentation using corporate illustration library resources. Re-formatting to bring into line with strict corporate brand standards.
  • ppt: Vintage Marina Partners
    Creation of new corporate PPT template and slide graphics for marina management company.