Why i2i Interactive?   Because we fit your needs.

We create media that our clients can leverage across the various needs of everyday business – online or on paper – to suit your project’s specific needs. As a full-service company, we are able to take your project from conception through to completion. We also integrate well with other industry specialists, whether they’re internal to your company or other associated vendors and partners.

We are…



We draw. We design interfaces. We animate. We doodle. Our graphics enliven dry content, and our layouts give your materials a sophisticated feel.

We offer a uniquely broad range of services. And we undertake projects with the notion that you may want to leverage an idea over multiple applications. So we take a big picture view, and will offer design solutions that maximize your investment.

We are streamlined to work fast. We meet deadlines. We respond quickly and efficiently—any dialog with us is designed to keep your project moving forward.

We have trimmed away the layers between our clients (that’s you) and the folks responsible for doing the work (that’s us). No unnecessary overhead.


We volunteer. We help our friends. We do pro-bono work for causes that matter.